I know we haven’t been around for a long time, but we’ve been pretty busy and….Ok, I’m lying. Nancy and I have been watching Frozen during class, instead of posting stuff (no worries, we aren’t in any trouble for doing that, lucky us!). We’ve been freaking out about how awesome Frozen is like thousand other people.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some thinking lately about love and friendship. Have you ever wonder what’s true love? I have. I thought I knew and then something happened and changed everything I believed. No, I wasn’t in love.  This the story of a guy I know, named John.

John was in love with this girl, Maya, from my French class. She’s one year younger than John and I. He had been deeply, madly, truly in love with her for a lit bit more than 3 years. He did his best to spend as much time as he could alone with her and every time he saw Maya, John whispered to himself “Isn’t she beautiful?”. You might say that the whole love story began, because she was beautiful. It might have, but for John, after 3 years, the appearance didn’t really matter. He wanted to talk to her and to make her laugh. I thought that I saw true love. If you could see how John looked at Maya, you would think the same.

His best friend and I told him a million time to talk to her. We are seniors, if he goes to a university far away, he will rarely see her or not at all.  But John never found the courage to tell her. One day, I notice a change. Maya was standing next to us and said “hey” only to me, John stayed quiet. “So, what’s going on? Did you find the courage to talk to her about your feelings?” I asked him. John didn’t say anything in the beginning, but then he replied “I did”. I waited for him to continue. He looked at me at said “She had noticed nothing. The whole school knew it and… How could she not understand it? It was so obvious!”. He was mad, so mad that stopped talking to her! How is that possible? She didn’t laugh at him or reject his feelings. The only thing Maya had done wrong is that she was totally unaware of the whole thing.

How is that possible! He stopped loving her because of that! It wasn’t that obvious! I mean, I was told about it. And he went around telling to the wrong friends about his feelings.  Gossip travels faster than light. How did he not think that the whole situation was so weird for Maya (who the year before was in love with someone else and could still be), that lied about not noticing. I thought that was true love, but I was wrong. The story wasn’t mine and the only part I had in it was that John and Maya are my friends, but still I felt so weird about the unhappy ending. I was disappointed by both of them, I guess…




Awesome little things

There are few things that can cheer me up after a hard day. Among those few things is meeting an old friend after a long time and especially when I don’t expect it. I was walking down the street returning home from school when my eyes fell on a boy. He looked quite familiar, even though I couldn’t remember why. Until he came closer and I realized he was a classmate of mine, whom I haven’t seen for two years. And he had changed so much these two years. The boy who barely reached my shoulders (thanks to his extremely curly hair) was taller than me.

In the beginning it was the usual stuff “Hello”, “How’s school?” and I mentioned  his favourite  band (which has some very cool songs). And then we started talking like it was yesterday when we were sitting in the same classroom during the English lesson.  I do hope that more surprises like that will come in the week. 🙂

P.S. I broke my record, two posts in two days!



And this is an old Panic!At the disco song.

Take a chance, take your shoes off, dance in the rain
Yea we’re splashing around and the news spread all over town
I’m not complaining that it’s raining, I’m just saying that I’d like it a lot
More than you think, if the sun would come out and sing with me

You remind me of a few of my famous friends
Well, that all depends what you qualify as friends
You remind me of a few of my famous friends
Well, that all depends what you qualify as friends