I know we haven’t been around for a long time, but we’ve been pretty busy and….Ok, I’m lying. Nancy and I have been watching Frozen during class, instead of posting stuff (no worries, we aren’t in any trouble for doing that, lucky us!). We’ve been freaking out about how awesome Frozen is like thousand other people.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some thinking lately about love and friendship. Have you ever wonder what’s true love? I have. I thought I knew and then something happened and changed everything I believed. No, I wasn’t in love.  This the story of a guy I know, named John.

John was in love with this girl, Maya, from my French class. She’s one year younger than John and I. He had been deeply, madly, truly in love with her for a lit bit more than 3 years. He did his best to spend as much time as he could alone with her and every time he saw Maya, John whispered to himself “Isn’t she beautiful?”. You might say that the whole love story began, because she was beautiful. It might have, but for John, after 3 years, the appearance didn’t really matter. He wanted to talk to her and to make her laugh. I thought that I saw true love. If you could see how John looked at Maya, you would think the same.

His best friend and I told him a million time to talk to her. We are seniors, if he goes to a university far away, he will rarely see her or not at all.  But John never found the courage to tell her. One day, I notice a change. Maya was standing next to us and said “hey” only to me, John stayed quiet. “So, what’s going on? Did you find the courage to talk to her about your feelings?” I asked him. John didn’t say anything in the beginning, but then he replied “I did”. I waited for him to continue. He looked at me at said “She had noticed nothing. The whole school knew it and… How could she not understand it? It was so obvious!”. He was mad, so mad that stopped talking to her! How is that possible? She didn’t laugh at him or reject his feelings. The only thing Maya had done wrong is that she was totally unaware of the whole thing.

How is that possible! He stopped loving her because of that! It wasn’t that obvious! I mean, I was told about it. And he went around telling to the wrong friends about his feelings.  Gossip travels faster than light. How did he not think that the whole situation was so weird for Maya (who the year before was in love with someone else and could still be), that lied about not noticing. I thought that was true love, but I was wrong. The story wasn’t mine and the only part I had in it was that John and Maya are my friends, but still I felt so weird about the unhappy ending. I was disappointed by both of them, I guess…




Movies !

This is a list of movies Angela saw during Christmas break.

1. Zombieland (funny movie, a little bit short though)

2. Pride and prejudice (cute)

3.  This is the end (silly one)

4. Lone ranger (amazing!)

5.  Pacific rim (i have seen only half of the movie but it seemed interesting)

6. Cloud atlas (mixed feelings)

7. Great Gatsby (i have seen only half of the movie but it seemed interesting)

8. Frozen (absolutely cute)

9. After earth (awful )

10.   Hobbit (huge, but loved it!)

11. The green hornet (pretty cool!)


Apparently Angela spent almost every night of her vacations watching movies…


The next list is the list of movies Nancy wants to see.

1. Great Gatsby

2. Catching fire


4 . Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters

5. The wolf of wall street

6. Cloud atlas

7.  Frozen

8. Gravity

9. Ender’s game

10. Brave

Nancy hopes to find time in order to see them.



Happy New Year

This is the first post of 2014! Sorry for not writing anything earlier, but we thought that the first post of the year should be written by both of us.

Today is the birthday of Simone de Beauvoir( 9 January 1908 – 14 April 1986), who was a French writer, political activist and  feminist. She had a significant influence on both feminist existentialism and feminist theory. Beauvoir wrote novels, essays, biographies, an autobiography, monographs on philosophy, politics, and social issues. She is best known for her novels She Came to Stay and The Mandarins, as well as her 1949 treatise The Second Sex, a detailed analysis of women’s oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism. Beauvoir died of pneumonia in Paris, aged 78. She is buried  at the Cimetière du Montparnasse in Paris, where she was born.


Today, Google is celebrating the 106th anniversary of her birthday with a doodle of her and as a background a lovely French road.

106α γενέθλια της Σιμόν Ντε Μποβουάρ


6 more days to go!

For our last post together before Christmas, we decided to share an absolutely cute recipe of ginger cupcakes! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Ginger Beer Cupcakes ( 30 pieces )

You will need:

350g plain flour
225g sugar ( prefer the soft dark brown for colour and flavour but any kind would work)
100g cooking oil (sunflower or rape/canola)
1 tsp ground ginger (adjust according to taste and fierceness of the ginger beer and your personal preference)
1tsp baking powder
½ – 1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ – 1 tsp ground allspice
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
Pinch salt
About 60g treacle
200ml ginger beer
25ml water

Place all the ingredients into the food processor bowl and whizz until you have a smooth golden brown batter. Fill cake cases about 2/3 full and bake at GM4/180C for about 14 mins until risen and a cocktail stick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

 For the buttercream you will need :

250g butter (or non diary spread – I use Pure)
600g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbs milk

Cut  the butter into small cubes and allow to soften.   Beat with an electric mixer for 5 minutes until pale and fluffy, slowly add half the icing sugar beating all the time.  Add the vanilla essence and milk, beat.  Slowly add the rest of the icing sugar and beat for a good 5 minutes until fluffy.  If you are using a non diary “butter” you may need to adjust the amount of icing sugar.

You could ice half  of your cakes then coloured the remainder of the buttercream.   If you use liquid food colouring you may need to add a little more icing sugar.

And….Start decorating them however you wish!

Merry Christmas